Managing Service Editing Permissions by Owning Team

With the use of Owning Team, you can now limit access to editing or deleting services to specific teams and their members. This is so you can have confidence in your service catalog definitions remaining protected.

Adding an Owning Team to Service

Make sure you have FireHydrant Teams created and that your user is a member of that team. To learn more visit our support documentation on Teams here.

To add an Owning Team, start by visiting the Service catalog section in the left nav. From here, select a service or create a new service. Within the details section of the service, you'll be able to select a single FireHydrant team from the Owning Team dropdown. Once a team is selected, save your Service. 



Service editing permissions with Owning Team

If you are a member of the Owning Team, saved on this service, you will be able to continue editing or delete. Any users with the role Member that are not a part of the assigned Owning Team will not be able to edit or delete the service.

If no Owning Team is defined on a service, any FireHydrant user role will be able to edit or delete.

All users with the role Owner will have global permissions to edit any service, even with an Owning Team assigned. 

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