Integrating with Zendesk


From a customer-impact standpoint, support tickets are one of the key indicators of which customers are being currently impacted by an incident. FireHydrant's Zendesk integration allows users to link Zendesk support tickets to an incident to help track customer impact and guide customer communications.


The Zendesk integration is only available for Enterprise-level FireHydrant accounts.  A FireHydrant owner role is required to configure integrations.

FireHydrant recommends using a generic Zendesk admin account to authorize the connection.  This helps to prevent disruption should a named employee depart and their Zendesk account be decommissioned.

Configuring the Zendesk Integration

Navigate to the Integrations configuration page from the left-hand navigation bar.  Choose to add the Zendesk integration.


You will be prompted with the following dialog.  Screen_Shot_2022-07-14_at_9.18.32_AM.png

Enter your Zendesk subdomain url, for example:


Click Authorize Application. The integration details will appear, including date installed and the authorizer.

Uninstalling the Zendesk Integration

From the Integrations page, choose to edit the Zendesk integration.  Click Uninstall Zendesk.

Linking Zendesk Support Issues to an Incident

Now you're ready to start using using the integration.  Learn more about linking Zendesk tickets to an incident in our responder documentation.

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