Task lists

How to create a Task list 

Task lists help ensure integrity in your incident response. With Tasks lists, you can create lists for your responders to use. When used during an incident, each list item will be assigned as a separate task. 

To create a task list, navigate to Incident response > Task management in the Web UI. 


Click “+ Create a Task list”


  • Each Task list requires a unique name. Adding a description will also help provide context for the purpose of this task list. 
  • To add a task in your task list, click “+ Add a task”
  • Enter the task name and description. Select Save task to add this task to the list.
  • A task list must have at least one task before it can be saved.
  • When you are done, you can save the task list to view all the tasks. 




Ticketing integrations are not supported

Task lists do NOT use ticketing integrations, meaning even if your organization has a default ticketing project set up, a ticket will not be created for a task in a task list. 


Task list ordering

When a task list is assigned, each task will be created in the order that is displayed in the UI. For example, the first task list item will be created first. That said, when a task list is assigned, there is no enforcement mechanism that tasks must be completed in a specific order. 


Task list deletion

If a task list is no longer needed, then it can be deleted. However, deleting a task list is irreversible. 


How to use Task Lists

Add a Task List to a runbook step

  1. Go to Runbooks
  2. Select “Add a task list"
  3. Want to assign the task list to a role? Be sure to use the Rule: Incident Assigned roles includes all of [role].


If you want to have the task list populate an incident channel then you should also select the rule the execute after the incident channel step has been created.


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