Paging with FireHydrant's Slack bot

Sometimes you may want to page a team member directly from Slack. For example, may want to bring them into an existing incident so they can help triage.

With FireHydrant's Slack integration, you can page teams based on the services they own. Services that are linked to an alerting provider such as PagerDuty will have a new incident created when the page command is ran, alerting whoever is on call.

Get started with PagerDuty

To use this integration, you'll need to make sure your services are linked to PagerDuty services appropriately. To check, you can visit the service page in FireHydrant.dummy_staging_service.png

If you have a linked service, great! If not, you can link services to PagerDuty. For details, see this article.

Default user email

You'll need to make sure you assign a default user email in your PagerDuty connection in order for FireHydrant to send requests on your behalf. This is a simple text field that must include an email for any user in your PagerDuty account. To configure it, click Configure Integration on the connection on the integrations page.

For more information on configuring PagerDuty, see this article

Teams and Services

FireHydrant allows you to map services to the team(s) that own them. In order for the paging functionality to work, you'll need to map services that have been imported / linked to the appropriate team in FireHydrant.

Visit the teams page in FireHydrant to create or modify a team, where you can then add the services you'd like to create alerts on when running the command:

/firehydrant page service
Note: Using /firehydrant page service will send a page to the team(s) associated with the service.
Note: You cannot include an incident title when using the dropdown functionality for a new alert.
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